Road Accidents in Conisbrough and Denaby

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times January 29, 1966

Accidents in Conisbrough

There was a total of 36 road accidents in Conisbrough during the last quarter, none involving fatal injuries.

Four, however, involved serious injury, 13 slight injury, but a further 17 no injury at all. In three accidents, one of the vehicles involved has not been traced.

Nine accidents involved dogs but none of these were on the main trunk roads and the recent adoption of a bylaw banning dogs from these main roads seems to be having effect, a police representative told Conisbrough Road and home safety committee on Tuesday.

Accidents in Denaby

There was 15 road accidents in Denaby during the last quarter, reported the West Riding police. Only one involved serious injury and two slight injuries. Seven accidents involved dogs and eight involved vehicles, the total was an increase of two accidents over the previous quarter.