Road Danger to Children – Conisbrough Head Teachers Warning

January 1955

South Yorkshire Times Jan 29

Road Danger to Children
Conisbrough Head Teachers Warning

In a report submitted to Conisbrough Primary School managers last Thursday Miss B E Say, head teacher at Rowena infant’s school, drew attention to the problem of road safety of our children going along Gardens Lane and Old Road. Miss Say said it did not appear to have been dealt with in a practical manner since her last report.There was, she said, still no foot path towards the end of Gardens Lane and the result was that the children wandered on the road before turning down Old Road.

Here again she said this was a very busy road with no footpath on either side for a considerable way.

The deputy Divisional Education Officer Mr E Hewson read a letter from the clerk of Conisbrough Urban Council Mr R F Edwardson which started that the council could not for reasons of economy provide a permanent path but a temporary path would be provided.

Coun David Sheldon, chairman, said the council were waiting for the Welfare people. The meeting decided to send a letter to the local authority asking to get on with the job.