Road Safety

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 6th, 1946

Road Safety

Conisbrough Road Safety Committee, over which County Coun. B. Roberts, J.P., presided at the Council Offices on Tuesday, considered the question of danger spots at Conisbrough and Denaby, and, after bringing forward a number of suggestions, decided to refer to a meeting of the Executive Committee on July 16th detailed consideration of methods of improving the position.

Suggested danger spots included the position caused by cinema queues at Conisbrough, various trolley vehicle and bus stops, the parking of vehicles in Denaby between Messrs, Whittaker’s and Messrs. David Haigh’s premises, the position at Brooke Square, the Clifton Hill-Sheffield cross-roads, and the Burcroft bend.

Attention was also drawn to danger caused by drivers of the Mexborough and Swinton Traction Co. pulling up their vehicles in order to hold conversation, and while tea and other purchases were made. It was agreed that a representative of the trolley vehicle system should be invited to sit on the committee, and schools representatives raised the question of ice-cream vendors drawing up in front of schools to serve scholars.

Police-Sergt. Eyett reported that during June there had been four road accidents in Denaby, including one fatal case, and Police-Sergt. Johnson said there had been two accidents in Conisbrough.

The next meeting was fixed for July 10th.