Robbery in a Beanfield

September 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 1.

In the Beanfield at Conisborough

James Newton, a Collier boy, about 14 years old, of Denaby, had stolen beans belonging to Mr William Rich Horsfield, farmer, of Conisborough.

The farmer told that there were many marauders in a field, and that, watching on the previous Sunday, he saw this boy go among the beans and pick them, and sent his nephew to secure him.

The boy’s father appeared now with him, and said he was sorry for what he had done, and that he wished Mr Horsfield had given him a hiding.

The magistrates ordered him to pay 10 shillings fine, 15 shillings costs and one shilling damage, telling him, however, that he was liable to be sent to prison a month.