Roman Catholic Fete

August 1935

South Yorkshire Times August 9, 1935

Roman Catholic Fete.

Tribute to the value of St. Alban’s schools was paid on Monday at the annual St. Alban’s Church garden party in the Presbytery and Convent grounds.

The fete was in aid of the schools debt redemption fund, and father J. Holohan presiding, revealed that during the past 12 months the debt has been reduced by £500. In these times he said, that was a very considerable sum and it was in itself an expression of the parishioners’ desire to free the schools from debt and to secure for their children a proper Catholic education.

The schools were blessing in the parish, and they had in the schools a place for every Catholic child between the age of 4 and 14 years. He felt the parishoners were doing a good service and that there would be no relaxation in their efforts for the schools.

Times were not so good, but the Catholics of Denaby were still prepared to make the same sacrifices. In introducing Coun. Mrs. Dooley, J. P. of Hemsworth, who opened the party, Father Holohan said it might be news to some of then that Mrs. Dooley lived for some years in Denaby, and he would like to take the opportunity of congratulating her upon her recent appointment as a magistrate.

Mrs. Dooley said she was visiting Denaby after 30 years absence. She spent her early married life in the parish, and she had been asking after a few of her old friends. Although she had found that they had passed away, people of the same name were still living in Denaby. Mrs. Dooley said it was very pleasant to know that their schools were doing such good work. When the schools were first mooted some people in the Diocese looked upon the suggestion with fear and trepidation, and it was felt that Cannon Leteux had “bitten off a bit more than he could chew,” but circumstances had proved that he was quite right. The numbers they had in their schools today were the admiration of the whole district.

County councillor Ben Roberts proposed the vote of thanks to Mrs. Dooley, and father C. Lehane seconded.

Folk dancing displays were given under the direction of Miss V. Brady. Sports and games were also held and a baby competition. Prizes were given to the woman of girl with the most pleasant face, to the most handsome and homely courting couple and to the largest family present.

This last named was won by the Hinchliffes and Rodgers, each having 11 members present.