Run Over By Railway Waggon at Conisborough.

June 1899

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 15 June 1899

Run Over By Railway Waggon at Conisborough.

At the Montagu Cottage Hospital, yesterday, Mr. D. held inquest touching the death of Joseph Hampshire, aged 52, who died in the institution on June 9.

On that day, the deceased and man named William Batty, both carters, employed by Messrs. Kilner Brothers, glass bottle manufacturers, of Conisborough, were engaged in shunting railway waggons. They were the act of taking a waggon up the yard, for the purpose of loading, Batty being charge of couple of horses, and the deceased looking alter the “break.”

When nearing the end the run. Batty heard someone say, “Oh, dear,” and stopping the horses, and looking round, saw one of the hind wheels running over the deceased.

No explanation could be offered as to the manner in which the deceased got under the wheels, and a verdict that was “Accidentally killed” was returned