Sad Case of Burning at Denaby Main

April 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 9, 1886

Sad Case of Burning at Denaby Main

A very serious burning case occurred at Denaby Main, on Saturday night to a widow, named Catherine Higgins, aged 65, living at 47 Doncaster Road.

The unfortunate woman went to a neighbour’s house, Mrs Wilson, who is a cripple, for the purpose of putting her to bed. In stooping down to arrange the bed clothes Mrs Higgins accidentally allowed her clothes to rest on the bars of the grate, and immediately they became ignited.

The neighbours noticed the conflagration, and rushed into the house only to find Higgins in flames. Water was thrown upon the woman; but she was seriously burnt, the lower part of her body and arms been mostly injured.

Dr Sykes of Mexborough was in attendance but the poor woman is in a precarious state.

Catherine Higgins died later