Sad Death of a Denaby Main Miner.

June 1890

Sheffield Independent – Monday 02 June 1890

Sad Death of a Denaby Main Miner.

On Friday night Henry Laurence, living at Conisbro’, and employed at the Denaby Main Colliery, died under painful circumstances.

It appears that be died about half -past ten, just as he was contemplating leaving the pit for home. His mate was awaiting him, and the deceased said, “I’ll just get this other bit of stone out first.”

After the exertion blood came from his nose and mouth, and he said, ” You had better fetch the deputy.” He never spoke again, and died before he was conveyed out of the mine.

It was presumed that he burst a blood vessel near the heart. He had not been in good health for a few weeks, having had an attack of the influenza. His wife had wished him to stay at home till he was better, but he was an industrious man and was anxious to do his best for his family.

He leaves four children in addition to the widow.