Sadler’s Suicide – Conisbrough Man’s Grief for his Wife – Body in Dam

January 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 11, 1929

Sadler’s Suicide
Conisborough Man’s Grief for his Wife
Body in Dam

Mr WH Carlile held an inquest at the Star Hotel, Conisborough, on Wednesday, into the death of Philip Elmer’s, 57, Sadler 63, Athelstone Road, Conisborough, whose body was recovered from the Low Road Dam on Tuesday.

Harry Elmhurst, a painter, or 7 Hamlyn Rd, Conisborough, son of deceased, said he last saw his father alive on Monday evening. He understood that his father had been at his (witnesses) home since 10 o’clock that morning. He had no conversation with him except saying “Good night” when he left. He appeared quite normal, but had not been in good health for some weeks and had to have medical attention.

He had been depressed ever since his wife died in October 1926, and had worked irregularly from January last.

Silvester Charles Urch of 31, March Road, Conisborough, scavenger superintendent for the Urban Council, said his attention was drawn to a walking stick and a cap upon the bank of the dam on Tuesday morning. He looked into the dam and saw a body lying in about 4 feet of water. Witness called a Mr Hughes and while he was recovering the body, witness fetched the police.

George Herbert Hughes, Wood Turner, of five Dearne Street, Conisborough, gave evidence of recovering the body with the aid of a pole.

Sergeant Sparrow said he assisted the last two witnesses to lift the body out of the dam. It was then taken to the Star Hotel, and an examination showed no external marks of violence. There were two pennies, a purse, and a padlock key in the man’s pockets, but no letters. He had known the man for the last eight years, and he had been very depressed since the death of his wife. He had ascertained that the man had been in the Doncaster Infirmary for some time suffering from mental depression last year. He left his lodgings on Monday morning at 9 a.m. and did not return in the evening.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of “Suicide while of unsound mind.”