Sale of Property at Conisborough

September 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times, September, 1901

Sale of Property at Conisborough 

At the Station Hotel, Conisborough, on Wednesday evening, Mr Johnson (of Messrs Styring and Johnson), on behalf of Messes W.B.Hirst and Co., of Rotherham and Sheffield, offered for sale several lots of property in the village.

Four dwelling houses in Northcliffe road, and known as Westfield Terrace, covering an area of 1,250 square yards and bringing in a gross rental of £57 4s at £795 fell to Mr Kilner, of Conisborough.

Eight dwelling houses on the south-east side of the main road bringing in a gross annual rental of £90.12 shillings and containing 1132 square yards, were knocked down to Mr Reed for £925.

Eight other dwelling houses and shops near the previous lot, and bring in a gross rental of £84 10s per year, found a purchaser in Mr George Kilner, the sum being £680.

A close of building land, known as Holywell Close Conisborough, containing 2a 1r 2p, the minerals being included, was withdrawn at £550, as also was another plot of building land, containing 2850 square yards.

A plot of building land, containing 2850 square yards, in Howbeck Lane was withdrawn at £190 .