Salvation Army Children’s Treat

January 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4, 1908

Salvation Army Children’s Treat

The members of the local corps of the Salvation Army have spent the festive season in right royal style. The Adjutant and his staff had mapped out a very pleasing programme, consisting of teas, socials, meetings, and a poor children’s treat, which was held at Doncaster road, Denaby, on Friday last.

By three o’clock there were at least 200 of these poor children present, included in which were a number of crippled children.. By four o’clock the hall was crowded, and 638 children were standing or seated, in every corner of the hail. The large platform was crowded, also the Band room, in every nook and corner faces were to be seen. The officers, captain, and soldiers and Mrs. Hill, with their staff of local officers were delighted, and they seemed extremely happy in making others happy.

After tea the children were sent home, till six o’clock, when the workers prepared for the limelight service. By six o’clock there were 768 children in the hall, literally packed. After an interesting and amusing lantern service the children were given an orange or apple, also a book or pamphlet was given to each child.