Saturday Night at Denaby – Police Savagely Assaulted

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 2, 1895

Saturday Night at Denaby
The Police Savagely Assaulted

On Tuesday, at Doncaster West Riding Court, James Geoghegan, miner, Denaby, was charged with assaulting PCs Wales and Jenkinson, damaging the officer uniform, and being drunk and disorderly at New Conisborough on Saturday night.

Defendant was creating a disturbance, and when the police came up he rushed up Wales, struck a violent blow in the mouth, knocked his hat off, and kicked him on the knee, knocking him down. While he was on the ground the officer was kicked in the stomach

PC Wales, Jenkinson and Lund closed with the defendant, who sees Wales by the throat and tried to strangle him, saying, “You – – – – can’t lock me up.”

The hand cuffs were put on one hand, and another man came up with a poker, and said “Let go, you – – – –.” Defendant managed to get into his house. PC Jenkinson was kicked on the legs, and after struggling with the defendant about 10 minutes in the house the police managed to get the other hand cuffs on, but he refused to walk, and had to be taken to the police station in a wagonette. The disturbance lasted about half an hour.

PC Jenkinson proved that he was kicked on the body and stomach, and had pains in the side caused by defendant’s violence.

PC Lund corroborated, and a woman named Armstrong stated that the defendant came to her house and made a row he and another man burst the door open, and defendant said he would turn it inside out. He said he was in search of his wife, but she was not there.

Defendant said he was drunk and did not know what he was doing.

He was committed to prison for two months for the assaults, and fined 2s 6d and 4s costs for drunkenness, or seven days in prison, and ordered to pay 2s 9d for damaging Wales’s cap.