Saved By Girder – Fall Checked 60 feet Above Ground

November 1959

South Yorkshire Times November 7, 1959

Saved By Girder

Swinton Man’s Fall Checked 60 feet Above Ground

A Swinton father of six children miraculously escaped death when he fell from a 100 feet high coal washery at Cadeby Colliery last week.

Harold Will (47) was helping to demolish the coal washery when he fell. Luckily he lodged 30 to 40 feet down  on a steel girder 60 or more feet from the  ground. An ambulance was called and Mr. Wild was taken to Mexborough Montagu Hospital.

Mrs. Ethel Wild, at her home at 66, Central Avenue, Swinton, said her husband had suffereld a fractured skull, his leg was broken in two places and he had sustained other injuries. “It is a miracle he escaped death. Had he not fallen on to the girder he would not have stood a chance,” she said.

The accident occurred three days before Mr. Wild was to have given away his third daughter, Miss June Wild, at her marriage at Rotherham Register Office on Saturday.

June, of the W.R.A.C.’s, arrived home on the day of the accident. “I arrived home to find a note which said Dad had been taken to hospital after an accident,” said June. She was disappointed that he was not able to give her away but the bride and bridegroom and Mrs. Wild visited the hospital to see him immediately after the wedding.

Complete Blank

The day of the accident is a complete blank to Mr. Wild. His wife told our reporter, “He doesn’t remember how the accident occurred or even going to work that day,” she said.       June’s brother-in-law, Mr. Raymond Leese, deputised for Mr Wild at the wedding.