Savings Campaigns

August 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 15 August 1942

Savings Campaigns

Warship Weeks throughout South Yorkshire, now outdated by the Tanks for Attack savings campaign, are nevertheless not forgotten. At pleasant little ceremonies such as that due at Denaby this weekend plaques are exchanged between the towns and the warships they have “adopted” and thus a bond of friendship is cemented between these inland communities and the sea.

Hemsworth Urban District is planning a similar ceremony, and in these places, as in Conisbrough and Denaby, it is almost certain that mutual interest will not stop there. With a stake in the Navy the respective Savings Committees will take a special pride in the work of the Senior Service, and as opportunity permits it should be possible for the personnel from these ships to help in giving a fresh stimulus to National Savings efforts hereabouts.

Conisbrough has shown the way in this respect by organising a parade as prelude to Saturday’s ceremony and in other ways so ordering the affair that it is productive of the maximum publicity for the good of the cause.

The event is well timed and the Tanks for Attack campaign should benefit as a result, one savings stunt being thus made to come to the help of the succeeding step in the great drive.