Scene at Mexborough Feast

July 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 July 1890

Scene at Mexborough Feast

Thomas Rudge, miner, Denaby, was charged with assaulting Jane Footer.

The complainant said she was living with a man named Hodgson, who saw the assault and said Rudge was a coward for assaulting her and then trying to jump on her.

It occurred near the Mason’, Arms. The defendant knocked her down and hurt her severely.

By Mr. Baddiley (for the defence), The complainant said she home by nine o’clock and never went out again on Sunday night. She was not in Sparrow Barracks on Sunday night. It was true she had been summoned ouce.

Mr Baddiley said there was scarcely a word of truth in what the complainant said, She was assaulted by the man she lived with, and not by the defendant, it was significant that Hodgson was not in court that day. It was Mexborough Feast, and many people were at the Mason’s Arms.

Louisa Bailey said she saw the assault committed by Hodgson. The woman was kicked so much that she could not move.

Mrs. Wright, Sparrow Barrows, spoke to a like effect, and Thomas Massey of Denaby.

The Chairman said there had been a brutal assault on the woman, but the defendant had not done it.