Scene at the Denaby Main Hotel

March 1897

Sheffield Independent March 8 1897

A Scene at the Denaby Main Hotel

A Conisbrough miner, named John McHale and his son Patrick, were summoned on Saturday at Doncaster, for being disorderly and refusing to quit the Denaby Main Hotel on the 27th ult.

The two men were also summoned for wilful damage to a door and glass at the hotel.

Police Constable Evans said he was called into the hotel by the landlord, owing to the disorderly conduct of the men he saw the men smashed modules and sunglasses, and, as he left the house, Patrick sent one of his hands and arms through a window.

The landlord said the damage was to the extent of 8 shillings.

Patrick Donnelly, a waiter spoke as to the disorder and damage, and said several jugs were smashed by blows which he received on the back of his right arm.

John Kilmartin, waiter, corroborated.

Fined £1 for being disorderly. The case as to wilful damage was dismissed, the Chairman (Mr Yarborough) remarking that it appeared to have been done during the scuffle to get the defendants away from the hotel.