School Board Election

July 1895

School Board Election

This event took place on Thursday week and created much interest. The result of the poll was declared at 10.15 by Mr F.G.Nicholson, the returning officer, nearly 1000 persons being present, notwithstanding the pouring rain. The result was received with much cheering, quite a volley of running cheers going up on the names of Messrs Walker and Pagdin been announced as first and second, Mr Stoct was also awarded a similar compliment. Much surprise was evinced that Mr Whitfield and Mr Norwood should be among the unsuccessful. At the close Mr Walker proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Nicholson, which Mr Pagdin seconded, and Mr Dufton supported.

196 voted at Denaby and about 350 at Conisbrough, 16 papers being spoilt.

Result, showing plumpers given:

Elected, Walker 588, 26 plumpers; Pagdin 574-15; Dufton 510-16; Tennant 464-12; Marsh 455-1; Stock 446-12; Stacey 355-26

Not Elected, Norwood 206-5; Whitfield 135-2; Tonkinson 36-1

Mr Lambert was presiding officer at Denaby, with Mr Johnson clerk. Mr Hawksworth presided at Conisbrough, with Mr W Barlow clerk.

Conisbrough Notes

last Thursday, ladies and gentlemen, we were all excited as to whom would or should be elected to attend to our wishes and carry out various duties connected with our School Board.

The Poll has been taken and our old friend from Firsby as not being. What on earth have you all been doing not to return the “Mayor” of Conisbrough. The school board election was a great surprise. Three members of the old board had been returned, and these gentleman, without doubt, have the confidence of the ratepayers.

The worthy occupier of the Priory was returned at the head of the poll. Mr Walker is a kindhearted gentleman, always ready and willing to help others, and he has the general welfare of the inhabitants at heart stop School Board work is no new thing to Mr Walker. He had been returned many times before. In Mr Walker we have the right man in the right place

Our Vicar as had plenty of experience in his late parish of School Boards, boards of guardians et cetera. He will make a very good addition to the Board. Out of the seven elected members there are only two Churchmen returned, four members are Dissenters, and one is doubtful what sect or class he belongs to. Mrs Stacey and Tennant are both new members, will have to be instructed into the workings of the New Code and the various educational papers. We shall see at the end of their term of office what they have done