School Gardeners.

November 1942

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 28 November 1942

School Gardeners.

The bountiful crops produced in the gardens of the Conisbrough Middle School, to which reference was made in this column last week, drew well-merited commendation from members of the local Education Sub-Committee.

The boys of the school must have worked with a will to produce such heavy yields as, for example, three tons of potatoes, 62 stones of carrots, and 1500 head of lettuce, and their labours have been directed by a methodical and conscientious instructor in Mr. E. H. Enion. Mr. Enion is woodwork and metalwork instructor at the school, but for the last two years has also taken charge of gardening activities (a valuable sideline in the present emergency), and under his guidance the gardens have for the last two years been made to produce a plentiful supply of vegetables for use in making the school dinners.

Probably the boys have surprised themselves by the success of their enterprise, which will have served a doubly useful purpose if it brings home to them the lesson of how a little labour correctly applied can exact a worth-while harvest from the soil.