School Heating Breakdown – Denaby Main Emergency

December 1946

South Yorkshire Times, December 21, 1946

School Heating Breakdown
Denaby Main Emergency

The 600 scholars at Denaby Main Council School have been deprived of their education for most of this month owing to a breakdown in the heating apparatus. This was revealed at last night’s meeting of Conisbrough Primary School Managers.

Mr N. Collindridge (clerk) reported that the most recent trouble in connection with the heating apparatus at the school started on December 2nd, when the school was closed for the whole week. The school reopened on December 9th, but closed daily each day because the temperature was not reaching the required minimum, and the next breakdown was on Tuesday last. The school was closed now, with meals and dinners being served as usual.

The chairman ( Coun. H. Gomersall) said that the boiler required two new sections or a new boiler altogether, and that would take 12 months to obtain.

Coun. G. Cheshire said two years ago the committee recommended that a new boiler should be installed. If the county authority had acted on that recommendation they would not be in the position they were in today.

It was decided to send an emergency resolution to the county authority recommending that if they could not obtain a new boiler or sections, the leaking sections should be taken out and a booster installed.