School Thefts at Conisborough

May 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times May 10, 1941

School Thefts at Conisborough

When William Henry Marriott (17), haulage hand, 5, Peake Avenue, Conisborough, and a 14-year-old Conisborough haulage hand were summoned at Doncaster on Saturday for Breaking and entering Conisborough Modern School between 6.30pm., on February 9th, and 4pm., on February 23rd, and stealing keys, the Chairman (Mr. W. Anderson) warned them that if they appeared at court again they would be sent to Borstal.

The younger boy was also summoned for stealing a football inflator and Marriott for receiving it.  Two schoolboys, one 14 years old and the other eleven, also appeared for stealing keys from the school.  Marriott was fined 30s. on each summons, the other haulage hand was ordered to pay £3 costs, his brother was dismissed under the P.O. Act. While the fourth had to pay 7s. 6d. costs.

Inspector Moxton said the stolen articles were valued at 7s. 6d.  The school caretaker found drawers and cupboards had been ransacked and the contents strewn about.

Two bunches of keys were missing, but these had been recovered.  At 3.15pm. on February 23rd, the caretaker’s wife was in the school, when everything was in order.  On returning at 4 pm. She heard a noise in the science rooms and found the two brothers.

The elder of the two brothers was said to be the ringleader.