Schoolboy Railway Trespasser Bound Over

February 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 6, 1915

Bound Over

Lewis Colinbridge, a schoolboy, of new Conisborough, was charged with trespassing on the railway at Conisborough, on December 29.

Inspector Arthur Hall explained that defendant was with the bachelor other boys were beamed before the court previously, but she gave a wrong name and address, and it had only just been possible to institute those proceedings. Defender went on to Conisborough Station and emptied a fire bucket. This was regarded as so serious an offence that if one of the companies officials and Donny he would have been liable to instant dismissal.

When spoken to by the stationmaster, the boy used an obscene expression.

The statement was borne out by the stationmaster.

Defendant, who pleaded guilty said that he went on to the station to carry parcel for passengers, but the Inspector pointed out that this was a source of great annoyance stop
the Bench severely admonished defendant, and bound him over to be of good behaviour for six months.