Scout Pageant  – History Brought to life at Conisbrough Castle

October 1947

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 4 1947

Scout Pageant  
History Brought to life at Conisbrough Castle    

The grey keep of Conisbrough Castle was carried hack some six hundred years on Saturday when Mexborough district Scouts of today transformed the ancient ruin into a picture of the days of its highest glory by presenting a pageant based on a story from Scott’s “Ivanhoe” of the meeting of Richard I and Robin Hood. This pageant was one of the highlights in Mexborough Local Scouts’ Association’s second camp fire within the Castle grounds.

The camp fire began with a bugle call from outside the Castle walls and a reply from the top of the Keep. King Richard, Athelstane, Lady Rowena, Gurth, Wamba, and four thralls, as torchbearers, then descended the steps from the Keep to meet Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, Friar Tuck and Alan-a-Dale in the Castle courtyard.

The two parties exchanged greetings and then proceeded to the camp fire, to take their seats, upon which the thralls, standing round the as yet unlit fire, thrust in their torches and kindled the fire.

The fire blazed merrily and the camp fire was duly declared open by District Commissioner Major M E Clark (Doncaster). Major Clark presided and the camp fire was led by “Tongio ” (Mr Norman Hunt).

A commentary on the opening scene was given by a local Scouter and all the character were either Senior Scouts or Scouters.

The 110th Jamboree Troop, consisting of scouts from Doncaster, Maltby and Mexborough Local Associations also attended, and gave the chorus of the official Jamboree song and two French songs.

About 600 people from many parts of the district attended. Adwick-le-Street, Doncaster, Maltby, Rotherham, Wath and Thurnscoe were all represented, and many Girl Guides and Rangers were also among the visitors, including one party who had hiked from Rotherham.

During the evening Major Clark, assisted by Assistant District Commissioner G R Barrell, presented certificates to those Scouts who had gained places in the swimming gala held earlier in the year. Mayor Clark then gave a short “Camp Fire Yarn ” in which he urged the Scouts to make the carrying out of the daily Good Turn a matter of more personal effort. Good Turn weeks and combined good Turns were very good in their way but it was the individual Good Turn that really mattered.

At the close, Assistant District Commissioner Barrell thanked everyone who had helped in any way to make the Camp Fire such a success, and in particular he wished to thank Conisbrough Urban Council for granting permission to use the Castle grounds.

M r Barrell concluded the proceedings with prayers.