Seeking Work for Women at Conisbrough

June 1968

South Yorkshire Times June 22, 1968

Seeking Work for Women at Conisbrough

A Representative of the Board of Trade is to be invited to discuss with Conisbrough Urban Council the question of improving facilities for the employment of female labour in the district.

Six months ago talks took place between the Urban Council and Mr. George Darling, Secretary at the Board of Trade, on the lack of employment prospects but the Council believes that a problem still exists. “The problem, apart from the large number of unemployed, is the number of women who have not had the opportunity to work,” said Mr. Clifford Ward, Clerk to the Urban Council. “This leaves a larger pool of unemployed.

“It has always been a constant problem in an area with mining as its principle industry that there is a shortage of jobs for women.” The only available jobs, he said, were in the textile area around Huddersfield, secretarial work in Doncaster, the Conisbrough Crisp factory and shop work,

Mr. Ward is to write to the Board of Trade this week, subject to Council approval, to request further talks to try to solve the problem.