Sentence Revoked – Conisbrough Man to Pay £2 Instead

January 1950

South Yorkshire Times January 7, 1950

Sentence Revoked

Conisbrough Man to Pay £2 Instead

A three months prison sentence imposed on Bernard Allen (42) labourer, of Dayland,, Avenue, Conisbrough, was revoked by the Appeals Committee at Nottinghamshire Quarter Sessions and a fine of £2 substituted.

Allen was sentenced in November for having firearms and ammunition in his possession, having had a previous conviction.

It was stated that the police saw Allen sitting in a car in which there was a sack containing pheasants, partridges and a .410 gun. There were two boxes of live ammunition and spent rounds on the floor of the car.

Mr. M. Newell, for Allen, said it would probably surprise the Committee, as it did him, that a shot gun was included in the 1937 Firearms Act under Section 21, under which the conviction had been made.

“This man had not the faintest idea,” he said, “any more than a large number of police officers or men in the street might have, that an ordinary sporting gun was included in this section.