Sep 12 – Denaby 1 Arnold 3 – Denaby Play Too Close

September 1964

South Yorkshire Times, September 12.

Denaby Play Too Close

Denaby United 1 Arnold 3

Just when it began to look as though goals were the least likely things to expect from this game, it burst into life in the last quarter of an hour. Up to then it had been dull, scrappy, and with very little incident to relieve the lack of method which both teams managed to achieve.

Denaby played too close and, as in previous matches, failed to get a grip on the centre of the field, but with Staslukiewicz back in goal  they have little to fear from the high balls which the Arnold forward sent into the goalmouth, then in the 75th minute, when everyone was beginning to get bored with the proceedings, things began to happen.

A freekick by Arnold fullback Howard from a seemingly harmless position outside the Denaby penalty area, shot through defenders and came to rest in the back of the Denaby net.

4 min later they were two up. Following an unsuccessful Denaby attack on the lost no time in getting the ball to the other end. Oldham sending in a centre across to Ball who put it past Stats while Denaby stood appealing for offside.

Less than a minute later, visiting halfback Anthony handled the ball in front of his goal, and Woodyer with a tremendous shot, pulled one back from the penalty spot.

Another penalty look certain a few minutes after the restart when Kelly, put through by Bell, was upended but the referee waved play on.

It’s a pity that Denaby after getting all began before they put any urgency in their play. The urgency in the last 10 min didn’t pay off and Arnold settled the issue only seconds from time with a goal from Ball.

Team: Staslukiewicz 6; Wroe 6, Woodger 6; Roberts 5, Taylor 5, Woodyer  5; Jones 5, Stretton 5, Kelly 5. Bell 5, Cox 5