Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wath 0 – Denaby dance round Wath

21 September 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 21.

Denaby Main Dance round Wath

Denaby Main 1 Wath 0

Phew! What whether for football! The sunburn insufficiently hot to cook a steak for any enthusiastic spectator who came without dinner, these local teams met on Saturday at Denaby, in the Sheffield Association League. The crowd was not a large one considering the football teams from neighbouring towns were struggling for honours. Compared with last season, Denaby have made a bad start, and this may account for the fact that the ground was not packed. The home 11 were a mixed lot. George had it was not yet available for goal, have been ill during the week, and displays was taken by Dean, of the former Denaby St Chad’s team. Sure, late of Swinton town, took Freemans place up back; and Jack Whitehouse, the old Mexborough player, was absent from the half back line owing to an injury sustained in practice.

In the forward line, T.Hardy, on the left, and a fresh partner in young Crowcroft, antibusiness, who played with Wath last season, appeared at centre against his old club. The visitors had what may be regarded as a usual team, so far as such selection can be settled was early in the season. The teams lined up, under Mr Morton of Woodhouse:

Denaby United: Dean; Shaw and Longley; Cartwright, H Whitehouse, Sheldrake; Goodwin, Ryan, T Bisby, Crowcroft and T.Hardy

The home team was captained by Lawler, who was in good trim for guessing the toss of the coin and like a wise man he set his team to kick downhill, with the burning sun at their backs. The visiting defence was therefore place in a difficult position, as the players could scarcely see the ball. The early stages were exciting enough to suit the most extracting of spectators and it was evident that a fast game would be witnessed.

The home right quickly broke away, getting closer in, but the ball was returned on the other wing, and Sheldrake and Lawley were called upon to defend the home goal. The Denaby men were not to be denied and Sheldrake sent the forwards down in swinging style, Crow Croft shooting in and forcing Mansbridge to concede a corner on the left side. The flag kick was beautifully placed by T.Hardy and in an open scramble in the goalmouth, Goodwin headed in just under the bar, Denaby thus opening their account within 5 min from the start. This gave the own supporters something to shout about, and if there had been such a thing as a Welkin at Denaby, they would have made the ring with their enthusiastic cheering.

After this reverse Wath played a much better game, the forwards at times fast onto the ball, and despite the sun in their eyes, working towards the Deans charge, forcing the new goalkeeper to use his hands.

The sun was still shining brilliantly when the teams crossed over, and it caused the Denaby defence considerable trouble. The vigorous work shown in the first half was well maintained by both sides, and the chain was visited in rapid succession. Scarcely a sound came from the onset of spectators for a while, as it was expected that Wath, despite the score against them, would equalise, if not win, as they now had all the advantage to be had in the game.

The crowd however counted without Goodwin and Ryans, who worked hard and well to increase the lead of their side.

Towards the end Wath kept up the attack with more vigour than science, and though they got close in several times. They were not really dangerous, owing to the fact that many good openings were allowed to pass taken. The Denaby defence put in some good bustling work, and were successful in preventing a score, the game ending amid great excitement.

Sheffield Association Results to date:

Played 3; Won 2 Lost 1; Goals For 5 Against 5; Points 4; Position 4th