Sep 26 – Denaby 1 Sutton 1 – Denaby almost turned Tables on Sutton.

September 1964

South Yorkshire Times, September 26

Denaby almost turned Tables on Sutton.

Denaby United 1 Sutton Town 1

Denaby came within 5 min of their first win of the season against Sutton on Saturday – but they firmly towards the end without having made their early pressure felt in terms of goals.

Sutton, who beat the Denaby 4-0 for their own ground a couple of weeks earlier, must have been unpleasantly surprised by the change that had come over the home side since then. Denaby’s first win last season was over. Sutton, and on Saturday they almost repeated the performance.

Apart from a few early attacks from Sutton the first half was all Denaby’s. More accuracy unless hesitancy when it came to putting the ball between the pose would have had the match won before half-time.

Street either the first half Holden sent shops into the goalkeeper’s waiting arms; how different from the direct approach which brought him a hat-trick in his debut game. But it’s wrong to single out Holden. He is capable of scoring goals – he has proved that already – and the other forwards are at fault for not seeing or not taking, the chances in front of them.

Quality Goal.

There was no doubting, however, the quality of Denaby’s goal, which put them ahead after 31 minutes Streeton who has great potential, at insight forward, raced onto a long cross from Whitaker to head a goal which left Turton clutching air.

A strong, forceful centre forward between Stretton and Holden will probably bring results. As it is, Bell seems unhappy in the middle and would probably show up much better on the wing, where he has more room to move.

Why Sutton were allowed to come back like that, after Denaby had been on top for so long is strange, but they were and any Tickhill Square hopes of two points were dashed in the 85th minute when Brent headed down a pass from Dove past Staslukiewicz


Team: Staslukiewicz 7; Wroe 7, Foster 6; Gant 6, Taylor 6, Harvey 6; Kelly 6, Stretton 7, Bell 6, Holden 6, Whittaker 6