Sequel to Conisborough Feast

July 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 21, 1906

Sequel to Conisborough Feast

Charles Guest, Farmer and Carter, Conisborough was charged at the instance of Joseph Shaw, shooting gallery proprietor, with assault, on June 27.

Mr G Andrews appeared for complainant, and Mr F Allen represented defendant.

Mr Andrews, stating the case, said that complainant was a shooting gallery proprietor, and on the day in question, between 930 and 9:45p.m.he was seated near his van in the fairground, Conisborough. Defendant had come up, and had advised complainant to rise from the grass, as it would do him no good.

Complainant having risen, defendant refered to a disputed account, which existed between the two, and defendant began to use abusive and filthy language, upon which complainant walked away towards the gate. Defendant however, kept pace with him, and continued the use of bad language. When they got to the road, where there were some people, defendant asked someone to hold his parcel, in order that he might assault complainant.

No one, however, would hold the parcel, and Mrs Shaw, wife of complainant, had appealed to defendant not to carry out his intentions, and upon this Guest had turned upon her, raising a stick to strike her. Complainant had intervened and received the blow on his arm. The blow was a severe one, and had necessitated medical treatment.

Joseph Shaw, the complainant, substantiated this statement, although cross-examined by Mr F Allen, he said he saw no reason why defendant should have assaulted him.

Corroborative evidence was given by Mrs Shaw, wife of complainant, Emma Bell, married, and a youth named John Hall.

Mr Allen pointed out that if there was anything in the nature of assault in the case it was on the side of the complainant, and further remarked that defendant had had to run away on account of the hostility of the complainant’s friends. This was substantiated by the evidence of defendant.

The Bench imposed a fine of 40/-and costs.