Serious Accident at Denaby Main

June 1891

Sheffield Independent – Tuesday 02 June 1891

Serious Accident at Denaby Main

Yesterday a serious accident befel two men named Thomas Greggory and Henry Shaw, who are employed by the Denaby Main Colliery Company, along with others, filling up a stack of hard coal near the pit mouth.

The full corves are conveyed from the coal- stack up a steep incline by means of an endless rope, screw clips bring used to grasp the rope. As three corves were approaching the summit of the hill the clips suddenly became loose, and the corves dashed to the bottom with great speed, Shaw and Greggory being unable to get out of their way.

They were extricated as speedily as possible, when it was found that Shaw had a leg broken, together with other injuries, and that Greggory was seriously hurt about the back and other parts of the body.

Both were conveyed to the Montagu Cottage Hospital, at Mexbro’, and attended by Dr. Twigg.