Serious Charges Against Denaby Football Club – Commission Of Inquiry Appointed

September 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 15th 1906

Serious Charges Against Denaby Football Club.
Commission Of Inquiry Appointed.
Local Suspension And Removals.

The monthly meeting of the Executive of the Sheffield and Hallamshire Association was held on Wednesday night last at the Wentworth Cafe, Sheffield , Mr. J. Morton in the chair.

An application by the Early Closing Association to run a Thursday Junior League was granted.

Heppinstall, of Denaby United, having made application for free transfer, alleged that Denaby had not kept to their arrangement with him, and that bonuses had been paid to players, four shillings for a win, three shillings for a draw, and two shillings for a defeat.

After a long discussion a commission was appointed to inquire into the matter and see all the books, vouchers, papers, etc. The commission consisted of Messrs. J. Morton, J. Fox, J. Nicholson, and H. B. Willey.