Serious Shooting Accident at Denaby

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 6 1905

Serious Shooting Accident at Denaby

As a result of Playing with Firearms on Thursday, at the Denaby pit top, there occurred, a serious accident in which a revolver in the hands of a young man, foolishly playing with a weapon, plays a prominent part.

It appears that one of the junior clerks in the employ of the Denaby Colliery company, named Ernest Ackrill, on Wednesday, borrowed a revolver from a friend for the purpose of shooting rats. On the Thursday morning he brought the revolver into the weigh office and showed it to the other clerks.

About 12 o’clock Arthur Jackson, the traffic inspector at the Colliery (who resides at Beckford cottage, Pit Street, Mexborough), came into the office for the purpose of having his dinner, and whilst taking it out of the oven, Ackrill, was aiming the pistol at an imaginary rat, accidentally pulled the trigger, and Jackson, who was in the line of fire, received a bullet in the left side, about 1 inch below the heart.

Medical assistance was at once sent for, and injured man removed to the Montagu Cottage Hospital. On enquiring at the hospital we were informed that the injured man is going on all right. The bullet which evidently/Jacksons watch or bracelet sway, took a downward course when centre the body, and now remains in the patient’s abdomen. Jackson is also suffering greatly from the shop to his nervous system.

The pistol is in the possession of the police, who are investigating the affair, although there appears to be no doubt whatever that the affair was a pure accident.