Set Court At Defiance. – Parents Ordered to Send Children to School.

January 1920

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 20 January 1920

Set Court At Defiance.

Doncaster Parents Ordered to Send Their Children to School.

An education case which was said, had caused great deal of comment in the Thurnscoe district was heard at Doncaster, to-day when John Dukes, miner, was summoned for not sending his daughter to school.

Defendant is paralysed and unable work.

Mr. W. H. Jones the clerk to the Education Authority said the child had not attended bool since October 23 and was kept at home assist the home. The allegation was that the child was not fit to attend, but Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Anderson that she was. She was in standard three and unable to write her name.

The chairman said the defendant seemed to set the Court at defiance. The child would have to school and fine of 10s would be imposed.

Defendant’s wife said her husband had only his pension live on and they could not pay the fine.

Arthur Wilkinson, miner, Denabv, who had been apprehended, was told that too was setting the Court at defiance. He was summoned in respect of three children and was fined 20s. in one case, 15s. another and 5s in the third.

Fred Moorhouse, miner, Denaby, who had been previously convicted and had been forced  to attend, said that his child was working, but refused give the Bench the name of the employer.

Asked what he was earning he replied “Nowt.” was ordered to pay 20s.