Several Motor Accidents

July 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 15, 1927

Several Motor Accidents

During the weekend there were several motor accidents in the vicinity of Conisborough.

On Thursday car driven by a lady from York, who had another lady as passenger, skidded at the foot of the Holywell Hill, and crash into the Pygotts  gates, snapping off the pillow which supported two iron gates.

The car from was badly damaged, but the ladies never turned a hair were taken onto Sheffield by another motor.

On Friday, Mr W E Rosser, driving the Tyre Rerubbering Companies van, was in collision with a bus at the five Lane ends and with slight shock.

The driver of a new touring car came into collision with a the bridge by the cliffs on Doncaster Road last Saturday but only the car was damaged.

Last Thursday to cyclist came in to collision on Park Road and both received slight injuries.