She Beat Rail Bag Snatch

August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 18th 1951

She Beat Rail Bag Snatch

For her prompt and courageous action in restoring property stolen from Conisbrough Railway station recently, Mrs. Marjorie Charlesworth of 18, The Crescent, Conanby, is to be awarded a three-guinea cheque on Monday.  Mrs. Charlesworth, who has been a porter and ticket collector at Conisbrough station for about six years, was told by a couple that a suitcase they had left in the corridor of a train from Doncaster, and worth about £70 with its contents, had been stolen.

Mrs. Charlesworth found that two youths had been seen carrying a case out of the station and onto Conisbrough Craggs. She followed them, and caught up with them as they were opening the case. She stopped them, refused to let them take the case away, and called for someone to telephone the police. Although the youths ran off, Mrs. Charlesworth kept the case and restored it to the owners.

The train, which had been held up, moved on, and now Mrs. Charlesworth is to be made a presentation by an official of the British Railways Executive.

Her father, Mr H. Preston of Mexborough, is senior porter at Conisbrough.