Shocking Cruelty at Denaby

December 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1905

Shocking Cruelty at Denaby

Thomas Tayles, pony driver, of Mexborough was charged with cruelty ill treating a pony at Denaby colliery. On November 27

Mr W. M. Gichard, for the prosecution, stated that the defendant kick the pony under the jaw with such violence that its head was knocked against the roof, and notwithstanding the leather guard which it wore over his head, its face was torn by contact with the roof and all the flesh off its forehead.

All the morning’s defendant had been ill using the horse, although spoken to by the filler and the collier for whom he worked.

James Davis, the filler said about 7.30 the defendant kicked the horse in the mouth, ans as he repeated the offence witness said he should report him. Defendant cursed him and said he and his brother would wait on him, and ‘cut him.’ He told the defendant all that shift not to knock the horse about, as it was the best horse they had ever had.

John Guest, head horsekeeper, said the horse “Pepper” was cut under the jaw and on the forehead. Defendant wore clogs.

The Chairman of the Bench said defendant had been guilty of a very serious act of cruelty and he regretted to say that this cruelty was becoming even more prevalent in the mine despite the numerous prosecutions.

In future a second conviction would mean imprisonment, without the option of a fine. In fact they had debated whether to send the defendant to gaol or not , but had decided they would give him another chance, and he would be fined 40 shillings and have to pay the costs 18 sillings.