Shocking Cruelty to a Pony


November 10th Sheffield Independent

Shocking Cruelty to a Pony

Joseph Watson and John Mercer, Colliers, living at Denaby, were summoned, at the instance of the Denaby Main Colliery company, for cruelty to a pony. Mr Taylor appeared in support of the information, and Mr Hall, Doncaster, appeared for Watson. Mercer did not appear. On the 30th
ult., the defendants had charge of a pony in the Denaby Main Colliery.

The pony had drawn several corves up an incline, and then they attached it to a full corfe.

From some cause or other the pony did not draw, whereupon Mercer beat it with a pick shaft until it fell and died.

Watson fetched the pick and stood by whilst Mercer beat the animal.

Several witnesses were called in support of this information.

For the defence it was contended that the animal died of starvation and not from ill usage.

Watson was fined 40 shillings and costs, and a warrant was issued for the apprehension of Mercer.