Shocking Denaby Case – Bioscope Operator Gets Three Months

December 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 23 December 1911

Shocking Denaby Case

Bioscope Operator Gets Three Months

At the Doncaster West Riding police Court on Saturday, Ernest C Hewitt, cinematograph operator of Mexborough, appeared in custody transfer charge of indecently assaulting Susanna Wale (12) at Denaby on the 15th instant.

Complainant said she lived at 23 Doncaster Rd, Denaby. She was engaged by a man named Clifford Henry Cox, fried fish and chip dealer of Denaby. At 5 o’clock on the day in question she was in the shop alone. The prisoner, whom she had never seen before, brought some bills advertising a cinematograph entertainment, and said “Let me see if they are right.” The room was in a state of semi-darkness. He got hold of her by the right wrist and twisted her round. He said “There is nothing between me and you.” Complainant shouted, and he said “Shut up; I will not hurt you.” He went round the counter and complainant followed.

Prisoner then committed the assault complained of. Complainant shouted “Do let me go,” and prisoner said “Shut up, I will give you two pence.” He committed the assault, but complainant struggled and eventually got away into the back yard. She fetched Mr Cox. When charged prisoner said he had never been in the shop and had not seen the complainant.

Clifford Henry Cox said the girl came across to his house shortly after 5 o’clock. She was in a very fluttered state and was crying.

PC Rushton, Denaby, said he arrested prisoner. At first he said he had not been in the shop above a minute, and later denied having been in the shop at all. He was practically drunk at the time.

Prisoner said he had had a drop of drink that day, having been out since 9 o’clock in the morning. He must have lost control of himself a little.

The Chairman said it was a very serious case, and the prisoner would have to go to prison for three months.