Shocking Domestic Tragedy – Inquest Opened – Funeral of Mrs Robinson

January 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 14 January 1922

Inquest Opened and adjourned

Formal Evidence

Mr Montague Nicholson, of Doncaster, an acting county coroner, opened the inquest on Saturday evening at the Mason’s Arms, Doncaster Road, Mexborough. Mr Thomas Venables was chosen foreman of the jury. Superintendent A. J. Minty, accompanied by Inspector Beevers, attended on behalf of the police. Only formal evidence of identification and of death was taken.

George Victor Robinson, signal linesmen of 66, Woodheys Road, Willesden, N.W. identified the body as that of his mother, Edith Alexander Robinson.

The coroner: When did you come home from London? – On Wednesday night, January 4

Where you sent for: I received a telegram to come at once. I came with the “intention” that my mother was ill.

Who sent a telegram? – It was signed “John” or “John Willie.” I’m not sure which. It was from my younger brother.

Has the telegram been preserved? – I’m not sure whether it was burnt or not. I may have it at home.

The coroner did not take the witness further, but called

Doctor John Gardner, who said he was called to 32, Crossgate, Mexborough, on Friday morning January 6th at about 11.30. He found Mrs Robinson lying on the lying on the hearth rug in the living kitchen and her husband lying by her side. The woman was quite dead. There was a large incised wound on the neck, extending from the left side, across the front, severing the windpipe, and continued on the right side , where most of the blood vessels were. The wound was much deeper on the right side than on the left.

Superintendent Minty: You are present in attendance on the husband of the deceased woman. Are you satisfied that, in the event of recovery, he will not be fit to attend an inquest before Thursday week?

Doctor Gardner: He may be fit then, but certainly not before.

The Coroner: Very well, I shall adjourn the inquest to Thursday week, 19 January at the Montagu Hospital at 3 o’clock.

Funeral of Mrs Robinson

Extraordinary public interest was taken in the funeral of Mrs Robinson, which took place on Monday afternoon. A great crowd assembled in the vicinity of the house and the street was so densely thronged that the police had to clear a path for the funeral party. Sightseers lined up all along Adwick Road, and in Cemetery Road there was another great crowd, against whom the cemetery gates were very properly closed.

The service was conducted by Reverend TB Powell. The mourners included the three sons, Victor, Edward and John William, and the daughter Edith.