Shop-Lifting – Conisboro’ Woman Warned.

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 20, 1928

Conisboro’ Woman Warned.

At Doncaster, on Monday, Lily Hammond (married), of Conisborough, was charged with stealing a pair of leather soles, valued at Is. 3d. from a Doncaster store.

Arthur Dawson Bratton, under-manager at the store, said he saw the prisoner go to a stall and buy a piece of leather. She also took a pair of soles. She then went to the novel stall, and bought a magazine. She also took one which she did not pay for.

Detective Jones said he was called to the manager’s office, where prisoner was detained. He questioned her, and she said: “Yes, I took them. I can pay for them now.

Prisoner said she was looking at the second magazine while the girl was wrapping up the one she had bought. She found the soles on the floor.

The Chief Constable said prisoner had been before the Court last year on two charges of larceny from stalls in the market.

Prisoner was fined 20s and warned that she would be sent to prison next time.