Shortage of Paper

February 1918

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 26 February 1918

Shortage of Paper

Sir, —With reference to the paper shortage, which is now getting very acute, and likely to become much worse the war is prolonged, it behoves everybody at the present time to do they possibly can to help their country out of one of its pressing needs.

There must at the moment, in railway and other offices an accumulation of hundreds of tons old ledgers, letters, papers, etc. which all probability will never again have to be referred for information, and which is nothing but lumber.

Fifteen months ago the firm of Kilner Brothers, Ltd., Conisborough, on whoso staff I have the honour to be, decided to dispose of all their old office matter which they thought could well be spared without causing inconvenience. Nearly three tons were collected and sold to local printing firm, the proceeds from the sale being generously divided among the staff.

I would respectfully suggest that if other business houses who have not already given the subject their serious consideration will emulate the example of the above named firm, they will render very great service to the printing trade and country generally.

Yours faitnfully.


Conisborough, Feb. 25, 1918.