Sick and Dividing Societies

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 16, 1898

At most of our Conisborough public houses a Sick and Dividing Society is held.

At each year’s end, the money which has accumulated during the year is divided among the members.

I hear that all our Conisborough societies expect to pay a very good dividend this year, especially the one held at the Eagle and Child Inn, which I am told will have something like 26 shillings for each member, that is nearly as much as they have paid in.

Of course at the ‘divi’ night each of the societies have a grand dinner.

Tomorrow (Saturday) night I hear that dinners are to be held at the following houses: Fox Inn, Star Inn, Alma Inn and Castle Inn.

The Eagle and Child Feast is put off until about New Year’s Eve.