Single v Married at the Conservative Demonstration

July 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 July 1890

At Pigott’s field, proceedings were commenced early in the afternoon with a cricket match, married v. single, and like last year it ended with a precisely similar result, The following is the score :


Hargreaves, c Earnshaw, b Marshall  3
Burton, c Wilson, b. H. Sharpe 0
F Downing, b. Marshall 3
Quinlevan, b H. Sharpe 0
Appleyard, b Marshall 11
F Ogley, b H. Sharpe 7
H Ogley, st Sharpe 1
Watkinson, not out  8
Piper, c& b Sharpe 1
Norwood b Marshall 2
F Earnshaw b Sharpe 1
Appleyard, c& b Sharpe 0

Extras 1

Total 38


Dr. Twigg, b F. Ogley 5
Marshall, c Appleyard, b Burton  10
H J. Sharpe, b F. Ogley 24
H Earnshaw, c Appleyard b Burton 2
R H Sharpe, b F. Ogley 1
Wilson, b F. Ogley 1
J Gibson. run out 0
Oxley, not out  31
Booth, not out  8

Downing, Laughton, and Goodlad to bat.

Total  87

The married gentlemen were enabled to win easily by the splendid form shown by Messrs. T. Oxley, H. J. Sharpe, and Marshall. The game was interesting throughout, and afforded amusement to a large number of spectators.

After the match a very well served and substantial meat tea was partaken of by a large number of persons in the large marquee which had been erected, and in the absence of Mr. Bedford, of Barnsley, with his goose, “ Ikey,” whose failure to put in an appearance was very disappointing, serious operations were commenced at an early hour by the holding of a public meeting and concert.