Singular Claim

October 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 21 October 1892

Singular Claim

At the County Court last week a somewhat amusing case came on for hearing.

The plaintiff was Benjamin Armitage, a labourer, and he sued Henry Smith, of the New River Tavern, Doncaster, and formerly of Conisborough, for the return of the table left with the defendant at Conisborough as security for the sum of 10 shillings which had been borrowed. Mr Baddeley appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr Pawson defended.

The plaintiff said he lodged with the defendant at Conisborough in 1878, and in the following year he borrowed 10 shillings from him. He let the defendant have a table as security. It was a hand painted table, and had to be returned when the 10s. was paid back.

He had paid back the money and demand of the table, but did not get it. Plaintiff told him they had made a present of the table the youngest daughter on the occasion of her marriage. (Laughter). The plaintiff then wanted to return the 10 shillings, but he would not take even £5. He wanted the table.

Mr Pawson: You have not yet ask for it. (Laughter).

The Judge (smiling): can you get the table for him?

Mr Pawson: If he had come in a gentlemanly manner he could have had it.

The plaintiff, cross-examined, denied that the defendant had given 10 shillings for the table. When he knew the tailored been given the way he told them they had no right to give other people’s property away, and that he should expect to have it.

Mr Pawson: Did you not complain that they had given it to the young daughter? (Laughter). They had given it to Ada and you wanted it to be given to Polly? (Laughter.)

The plaintiff denied this.

Verdict for the plaintiff to be reduced to 1s if the table was returned.