Singular Domestic Squabble.

January 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 23 January 1899

Singular Domestic Squabble.

At Doncaster, on Saturday, John Campsall Dent, farmer and miller, Braithwell was summoned for using threats to Mary Dent, of New Conisbro’.

Mr. Baddiley appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Hall for the defendant

The complainant said she , was separated from her husband, and her baby had been temporarily at the home, of her mother-in-law. When she went to fetch the child away, she was roughly used by her husband’s brother and sister, and her father-in-law seized a gun and threatened what he would do.

ln cross-examination, the complainant denied that she knocked her sister-in-law down. After the separation she went to a place as house- keeper awhile. She was now living at her sister’s She had taken out the summons partly to get her child and also because she was frightened. Her husband had told her he was living with some one else.

Mary Marriott said she accompanied the complainant to the defendant’s house, and she heard the threats with the gun. The gun was also pointed at her by the defendant. It was said to be loaded.

The defence was that there had been no threats and that the gun was not loaded, and that it was not used in the way described.

The names of four men were called by the witness for the complainant, and the defendant went out with the gun – the farmhouse being in a lonely spot – to see what was about. There was nobody to be seen. As to the child they understood it had been the wish of the complainant to go into service and that was why they were keeping it at the farm.

The complainant said she meant to have her child, and should go for it again. She wanted protection. Mr. Baddily said another case would come before their worships shortly.

The magistrates bound the defendant over to keep the peace for six months in the sum of £5.

Defendant : Can I have protection from her ?

The Chairman (Mr. Yarbrough) : You can take out a summons if necessary.

Defendant : I have paid many a pound for her.