Smart rescue – Denaby boys save Young Denaby Girl from Drowning

July 1945

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 7, 1945

Smart rescue

The action of two boys in jumping into the canal at the Toll Bar, Mexborough, saved the life of Elizabeth Burkes (9) daughter of Mrs. The. Burkes, of 103 Annerley Street, Denaby, recently.

Elizabeth fell into the canal while picking flowers on the bank.

The boys, Ronald Walker (13), son of Mr and Mrs C Walker of 38 Cliff View, and Michael Cassidy (13), son of Mr and Mrs F Cassidy, of Adwick Street, were passing over the canal bridge and hearing some children crying went back. They saw a girl in the water and dived in fully clothesd and brought the girl to the bank, she was then taken home.

Ronald and Michael are both pupils of Conisbrough Modern School. In diving into the water to rescue the girl they spoilt their suits.