Smoking at Meetings

July 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 20, 1907

Smoking at Meetings.

The “saving grace of common sense,” is an often quoted expression, and this grace was vouchsafed to the majority of the parish council in its “smoking” decision.

There are many people who, when they smoke imitate the American, who visited Mark Tapley in his hut in the swamp, they must spit. Now if the same person were to spit on the floor of the West Riding Court at Doncaster, he would be hauled before the bench and fined, as several have already been, under a county council byelaw.

This is not because the habit is a dirty one, but because it is a dangerous one, such diseases as phthisis for example are spread in this way. A resolution prohibiting smoking in any room owned by the Conisbrough school board, except the Board room, was adopted by the Conisbrough school board at least 15 years ago, so that the question is not a new one. It must be admitted that the resolution has not been obeyed. Section 4 of the local government act, of 1894, grants the use of a school room to the parish council. In case of any dispute as to what is reasonable or suitable the decision by sub-section three of section 4 rest with the board of education.

No one can for a minute doubt as to what would be the decision of the board, should the question as to whether smoking or spitting should be prohibited.