Soldier – Jones, Ernest – Anzio Link Up – Man’s Distinction

June 1944

South Yorkshire Times June 3, 1944

Anzio Link Up

Conisbrough Man’s Distinction

A Conisbrough man, L/Sgt Ernest Jones, eldest son of Mr and Mrs. E. Jones, of 20, Avenue, Conanby, was one of the first two men to take part in the junction of the British and American Forces which broke out of the Anzio Beachhead, and the Fifth Army last week.

L/Sgt. Jones is married, and his home is at 4, Hopewell Street, New Wortley, Leeds.

L/St. Jones was acting as driver for the Colonel of his regiment, the Reconnaissance of the Royal Armoured Corps, when the junction was made. He is 32, and joined the Army when he was 19, being on reserve at the outbreak of war. Before leaving Conanby in July, 1939, he was employed at the British Westfalite Works and played football for St. Andrew’s Mission. Before the war he served at Malta and Gibraltar.

He took part in the later stages of the North African campaign, and his parents have heard from him as recently as Tuesday of this week, the letter being dated May 20th, but giving no indication of his whereabouts.