Soldiers – Denaby Main Heroes

November 1918

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 15 November 1918

Denaby Main Heroes

At the Large Hall, Denaby Main, Mr. W. H. Chambers, managing- director of the Denaby Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, Ltd., made number of presentations, under the auspices of the Denaby and Cadeby Heroes Fund.

The father of the late Sergeant Fred Crowson, M.M., York and Lancaster, Market Street, Mexboro’, received a portrait of his son, an illuminated address, and purse of currency notes.

The following men received gold watches and illuminated addresses; Company Sergeant-Major R. W. Rudd. D.C.M., Y. and L.; Petty Officer F. Atkins, M.M., R.N.D.; Lance-Corporal James Wright. M.M., Y. and L.; Private A. W. Scott, M.M, Y. and L.; and Private A. V. Rhodes, M.M., Y. and L.

These men were formerly employed at the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries.