Some Denaby Drunkards

February 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 February 1911

Some Denaby Drunkards

Patrick Cain, a Denaby miner, had 13s (65p) to pay for having been drunk and disorderly. He wanted P.c. Rushton to have 3 rounds with him.

Alfred King, who was drunk and disorderly at Conisboro´ on Saturday week, was, on P.c. Needham´s information, fined half a guinea (52.5p). He told the officer it was women drove him to it.

Martin Carr, miner of Denaby, was similarly dealt with. He was drunk and calling a girl all sorts of names because she wouldn´t kiss him.

Dennis Carr, another, Denaby, miner, had five shillings (25p) and costs to pay for being drunk and disorderly. When PC Shuker, late on Saturday night, advised him to go home, he retorted. He never felt at home anywhere but in a public house, and he had just been chucked out of one. PC Shuker said the man didn’t appear a bit homesick.

Patrick Caine and James Conway, who were hugging one another in the gutter at 1.20 that (Tuesday) morning, were on PC Knowles testimony, fined 2/6 (12 1/2 p) and costs each, with the alternative of seven days.