Songwriter and Mandolin Player (picture)

March 1969

South Yorkshire Times March 1, 1969

Songwriter and Mandolin Player

When 10-years-old Judith Broadhead, of Conisbrough, started learning music at her School two years ago she wanted to play the guitar—but she is quite happy now that the teacher wanted her to learn the mandolin.

“I prefer the mandolin now—I have got used to it.” she said. “It is slightly difficult but you pick it up easily when you have learnt to stretch your fingers.

It is uncomfortable to beep with, but that is something else you get used to.”

Judith is also a composer and with her friend, Pamela Wright, can write music for her school assemblies. She can compose music to fit things like a storm or bullfight.

“It depends what sort of mood we are in but we can write music to fit it,” said Judith.